2017 Bills

HB 17-1046 Update Outdated Statues Persons with Disabilities

House Sponsorship: Lebsock

Senate Sponsorship: K. Donovan

Concerning updating statutory references to certain limited outdated terms relating to people with disabilities.

Status: 03/06/2017  |  Signed in to law

HB 17-1092 Retail Establishment and Performing Rights

House Sponsorship: Lebsock

Senate Sponsorship: Tate

Concerning contracts involving license royalties with proprietors of retail establishments that publicly perform music.

Status: 03/23/2017  |  Signed in to law

HB17-1203 Local Government Special Sales Tax On Retail Marijuana

House Sponsorship: Lebsock

Senate Sponsorship: Martinez-Humenik, Crowder

Allow certain local governments to levy a special sales tax on retail marijuana in certain circumstances subject to voter approval.

Status: 05/04/2017 | Signed in to law

HB17-1123 Extend On-premises Retail Alcohol Beverages Sales Hours

House Sponsorship: Lebsock, Thurlow

Senate Sponsorship: Marble

Allow local government to extend the hours during which alcohol beverages may be sold for consumption on a licensed premises.

Status: 04/24/2017 | Died in the Senate

HB 17-1165 Department of Regulatory Agencies Boards Disciplinary Action Resolution Process

House Sponsorship: Lebsock

Concerning the resolution of disciplinary actions by agencies within the department of regulatory agencies.

Status: 06/06/2017 | Signed in to law

HB17-1250 Renew and Expand Tax Check-off To Benefit Wildlife

House Sponsorship: Lebsock

Puts the non-game and endangered wildlife check-off back on the tax form and add a grant program that uses money to finance wildlife rehabilitation efforts.

Status: 06/05/2017 | Signed in to law

HB17-1331 Protect Colorado Constitutional Rights

House Sponsorship: Lebsock

Senate Sponsorship: T. Neville

Concerning protecting Colorado citizens who are engaged in an act that is protected by the Colorado constitution from outside agencies.

Status: 05/01/2017 |  Died in Senate Judiciary Committee

 SB17-008 Legalize Gravity Knives And Switchblades

House Sponsorship: Lebsock

Senate Sponsorship: Hill

Legalize certain knives.

Status: 03/23/2017 | Signed in to law

SB17-066 Municipal Authority to Employ Police

House Sponsorship: Lebsock, Saine

Senate Sponsorship: Cooke, Fields

Concerning clarifying retroactively the authority of a municipality to employ a police force without going through sunrise review.

Status: 04/04/2017 | Signed in to law

 SB17-250 Student Exemption From Immunization Requirements

House Sponsorship: Lebsock, P. Neville

Senate Sponsorship: T. Neville, Marble

Exempts a student from the requirement of immunizations for attendance at school.

Status: 04/19/2017 |Died in the Senate